Below is a few selected video clips of some films that SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES has transferred for our customers from around North America. We used our custom made VENTURA IMAGES scanner systems for the transfers. For more information about our transfer offers go to our 8mm and 16mm Transfer page.

VENTURA IMAGES scanner systems is one of the finest film scanner companies in North America. So take your time view the video clips below. If you have any questions contact us and we will get back with you soon as possible.

8 MM

8mm Super Sound VENTURA IMAGES

8mm Super Silent VENTURA IMAGES

8mm Super Silent VENTURA IMAGES

8mm Regular Silent VENTURA IMAGES

8mm super silent VENTURA IMAGES

16 MM

16mm sound VENTURA IMAGES sample

16mm Silent VENTURA IMAGES sample

We at SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES come across some unique and rare film finds and we would like to share them with you. Enjoy this fine FREE VIDEO below, and check in from time to time for more new and exciting video’s.

Full Length