Reading REEL IMAGES (I think that's the correct name), a publication I have subscribed to for many years specializing in news and actors of Hollywood's Golden Age, I came across an ad for a business called SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES. The ad claimed to be able to digitally restore old films that had audio and/or visual problems. After making contact with the owner, Wally Stall and asking a few questions, I sent him DVD's of 2 old classic films I owned that had those problems. I was so happy with the results and the very reasonable price he charged, I sent him a third. I was not disappointed. The film quality was noticeably improved and Wally was a pleasure to work with. I will keep on using his services as I find a need for them.

Bob Feinman
Tucson, Arizona
This company has done 3 conversions from 8mm and super 8mm home movies to DVD for me. Mr. Stall is a professional that cares about your films (memories) and does a wonderful job producing the best quality there is and keeps you informed of the progress. His turnaround time is short, and he is present with the work every step of the way. I can't imagine a company that can approach the service I received here. The quality results I have received could not be surpassed. This is the only place I would consider sending my films. 5 STARS.
W. Sansing

Wally at Speakeasy Archives does a great job all the way through the process of digital transfer. I have used Speakeasy Archives for about 3 years, always true to his word. Once he told me to wait for him to get situated with updated equipment which some places wouldn't do. Since that time, he has updated with newer equipment, so this to me shows that this is a business, not a hobby. Turn around is quick, always responds in a quick manner. I highly recommend Speakeasy Archives for all your digital transfer needs.


After several years of using Speakeasy Archives for many of our film to digital video transfers needs, we are very happy to recommend them for their excellent quality and professional work.  We have been very impressed with their digital imaging processing results and their high responsiveness in meeting our project deadlines.  They run a first class operation!”

~  Victor, at Computer History Archives Project

No joke, folks, Wally Stall is THE guy to turn to for your audio and video conversion needs. I’ve used others, but I won’t again. No one else is in a class with Wally for service, reliability, and (most importantly) quality. He’s dedicated to providing high-caliber audio and video transfers at a price the average person can afford.

Curt Ladnier
Birmingham, Alabama

I have used Wally Stall for sound restoration for many years, well over twenty,  and he knows what he’s doing.  He is a careful and pains taking craftsman, spending hours to get the sound on my old radio shows “just right”.  I am very happy with his work and rank it up there as the best I have heard. His video work is equally as exacting.  I’ve known him to do a TV show of mine over three or four times until he had the image just right.  The man is an artist at his work and I wouldn’t take my sound or video work anywhere else.

Robert A. Brown, Oklahoma 

The Computer History Archives Project is an independent research project dedicated to the preservation of vintage computing technologies.  We rescue vintage computer-related films to preserve their historic and educational content.  We were very delighted when we found “SpeakeasyArchives” and contacted Wally Stall.  His expert film transfer service fills a vital role in the preservation process.  Many of our films are over 50 years old.  Wally’s professional expertise provides the master’s touch needed to help bring them back to life.  We are very pleased with the quality transfer work and will certainly continue to use the great talents of SpeakeasyArchives for our film transfers.

Victor, Director, Computer History Archives Project

Over many years, Wally Stall has provided me with a huge number of CD's containing Old Radio Shows that Wally has recorded off the old 16 inch discs. He has taken badly scratched discs and cleaned them so that they give the best sound possible.  Wally knows what he is doing and as I said has done this for many years. I know what I am talking about in that in the late 1960's and the first half of the 1970's, my company REMEMBER RADIO sold more old radio programs than any one!!  I know the difference between being able to barely understand a show and having a show that sounds good quality.
Don Maris, North Texas

I have worked with Wally for about two years now having him dub hundreds of transcription discs and reel-to-reel tapes I had built up in my collection. Wally treats each item with care.His transfers of my programs, even tho usually I only ask for raw dubs of my shows, have been wonderful. And when he has done extra work to clean-up transferred shows the sound has been wonderful. You can tell Wally really has a love of old time radio and television programming. Trust your transcription discs with Wally. You will not be disappointed!

Dan Riedstra, Chicago

“Wally is a true professional at dubbing and remastering.  He works hard to get the highest quality product that’s possible.  And best of all, he is dependable and trustworthy.  I trust him with all my work.”

Bruce Shults, North Texas

Thank you Wally for a great job in transcribing my reel to reel tapes on to very high quality CD's. I am very happy with the results. The sound was excellent.

Norm Cleaves
Venice, Florida

"Wally has gone out of his way to make this customer happy! Thanks so much!"

Tom C. Miller
Superior, Wisconsin

Thanks Wally. Excellent service, you kept me informed of the progress of my order at each step and  followed up to insure that everything was good. I appreciate the attention to detail and will definitely purchase from you again.

Jim W.

Wally Stall is a magician.  What he does to vintage recordings and films can't be simply attributed to technology alone; he has the deft touch of an artist as he uses modern techniques to restore the sounds and images of days gone by.  The results are unmistakably authentic and respectful of the original artist performances.  I enthusiastically endorse Speakeasy Archives without reservation for quality, integrity and unmatched customer service.

R. Payne

I have been collecting old time radio shows since the early 80's for the listening pleasure and recently through Joe Riddle I became aware of Wally Stall and made a purchase of some Jack Armstrong the All American Boy and I honestly can say his sound quality is very good, and his prompt service is just as good. 

Steve B.
Tulsa, OK

I viewed the DVD'S
The transfers are all most the best I have seen next to the professional high priced transfers!
Very sharp with good contrast, nice steady image.  The color looks good too.!  On the sound prints the sound was at a high volume and with good fidelity.  All the above is true for S8mm and 16mm transfers.  I would say that your prices are extremely low for the quality of your work!!!

Steve Osborne-owner of the reel image magazine

On a scale of 1 -10 i give Speakeasy Archives a 10!. The film conversion was better than I could expect. The 16mm films were at least 65 years old. It brought back memories long forgotten. I now can show my children, grandchildren (great grandchildren) what life was back less stressful.
New York
I have collected classic television shows for more than 20 years. I am very particular about who I trust with my films. I use Wally and SpeakeasyArchives to transfer all my shows from 16mm films to DVD. Many of the films I purchase are over 65 years old. The quality of the DVDs I receive from Wally and  SpeakeasyArchives is exceptional.

I have checked several other companies that transfer film to DVD and none of them compare to SpeakeasyArchives prices. I also receive a quantity discount when I have several films to transfer. I have recommended SpeakeasyArchives to other friends who collect classic television shows and they have been very pleased with the work done by Wally at SpeakeasyArchives.

Wally goes above and beyond what's expected of him for film transfers. His suggestions and high-quality work have been exceptional and professional. I will continue to use Wally and SpeakeasyArchives for all my film transfer needs and highly recommend him to others.

Craig Wenner
Manitowoc, WI
Dear Wally of Speakeasy Archives;
Thank you for your honesty and trust, it is quite refreshing in this world. Wonderful Radio shows! Thank you for what you do and being so prompt with sending the CD's. It was for my husband birthday he turned 75.
Thanks again
Pat and Rob Vacek

Saw your ad in the CLASSIC IMAGES film magazine and contacted SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES to transfer our clubs 1970’s 16mm color films. The transfers were quickly done and was pleased in the quality of the transfers. Would suggest and use again there services. And SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES gave us an unexpected club discount. 


T. Carnegie 
President of

I do not even know how to thank you enough!!!! I am speechless! I can honestly say this was the best service I have ever received. Your work was just so great!!! I can't tell you how happy I am to have these reels finally put into a way that I can see them. I cried watching them. I now have footage of my grandparents who have all passed away now, and I will cherish these forever. Thank you beyond words. I am always available to tell others about your service and to speak highly of it. Thank you for everything, including your kindness. God bless you! 


I will be ordering more old time radio shows and vintage tv shows. My father is really enjoying them he is 92 years old and grew up with these shows. 

C. Meyers