Welcome to SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES where we capture the past. SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES specialize in transferring 16mm TV films, movies, and documentaries, in addition to all sizes of radio transcriptions and 78rpm records. If you have any 16mm films and radio transcriptions or 78rpm records that you need to be digitalized onto CDs and DVDs, or have your Old Time Radio recordings de-hissed and put on CD or Hard Drive, WE ARE YOUR CONNECTION TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN! We use only high quality media.


We spend much time getting your films and transcriptions and records ready for transferring, from cleaning to finding the best filters to make the best transfer possible. On your Audio recordings, such as transcriptions, reel to reel tape, cassette and mini disc., we can de-hiss at your request, all of your old time radio shows and then transfer them onto CD or hard drive. We use CEDAR SYSTEMS and ADOBE CC 6 and other filters to get the best end product possible.

For prices and any other questions Contact Us and we will get with you as quickly as possible.