The Ultimate in film transfer! For all your 8mm and 16mm films LASERGRAPHICS SCANSTATION is the cream of the crop transfer system Unit.  Companies such as ESPN, NASA, The Library of Congress all use the LASERGRAPHICS SCANSTATION.


This is up to 6k output resolution far more superior than most other transfer systems can provide, scanning up to 60 frames per second. The LASERGRAPHICS SCANSTATION also adjusts for shrunken film, warped film and will even transfer all films with sprocket damage or no sprockets and will transfer films with heavy splice problems with ease.

The LASERGRAPHICS SCANSTATION is a sprocket less system. That provides smooth ultra-clear broadcast quality transfers, with full color correction for all color films afford.

Prices are .40c per foot plus a charge for color correction if needed. Contact us by sending your mailing address to SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES for a free demo DVD sampler of all our transfer options.

For any questions contact us today.