AUDIO TRANSFERS: Copying vintage audio to digital format

Every time you play a vintage recording, a little of the audio quality is lost. Phonograph needles shave away record grooves, and tapes are always at risk of fraying, stretching and breaking. It’s a good idea to permanently preserve these recordings by making a digital copy. SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES performs that service for you with a guarantee that NO COPIES WILL EVER BE TRADED OR SOLD, ensuring that your treasures remains unique and uncirculated. 


TRANSCRIBING-analogue recordings and most digital recordings

We at SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES specialize in transferring your reel to reel and cassette tapes, mini disc and CDs to hard drive in real time.  Then correct speed and equalization if possible, then de-hiss and sweeten up the recording by using ADOBE CC 6 and other filters then transfer the recording to cd or thumb drive.






TRANSCRIBING-transcriptions and 78rpm records

Transcribing again SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES specialize in transferring transcriptions and 78rpm records. First by inspecting material (records) for cracks, chips, warping and scratches and other defects (HAND CLEANING EACH RECORD IF NEEDED) then select the correct styli from our 20 custom size collection of stylus. To find the best one for transfer, then check for speed. We use REK-O-KUT DE-HISSER and GROOVE WALL FILTER setting to find the best groove wall to reduce noise. Then transfer the recording to hard drive. SEE RESTORATION


Before Cleaning

After Cleaning