SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES offer’s many ways to get your films transferred to DVD/BLU-RAY, thumb drive or other hard drives.

First, we inspect your films for splices, warping and other defects. Then if needed we will hand clean your films {$3 per film charge} with Filmrenew, then help you choose the best way possible to transfer your films to meet your budget. 

We offer 2 different Telecine transfer ways to get your film on digital format. We use an ELMO TRVH 16mm telecine to transfer your 16mm films. Our ELMO TRVH has been custom built for us. This includes a custom built ½ inch standard definition capture chip that gives 480 lines of resolution and 380,000 pixels. With the latest in LED light source and a 100% guaranteed flicker free, 5 bladed system. The capture chip gives outstanding GEM quality and clear transfers. At 24 frames per second and amazing corner to corner resolution transfers.

And we offer factory fresh with all the latest upgrades ZOLI systems for all your 8mm and 16mm films. With full high definition and high-resolution transfers that has 1.3 million pixels of clarity. With the most updated cool LED light source, Speed control up to 30 frames per second, frame counter.

The ZOLI system uses a German high speed industrial camera with a high-end lens with adjustable Iris and the most up to date software that produces raw AVI files or MPEG formats, 100% accurate sound to video sync. The ZOLI system handles much better films that are warped and spliced. With Auto and manual camera settings, Anti flicker, NTSC or PAL mode, Normal or mirror Images. With custom Mechanical parts and electronic design and manufactured ONLY by ZOLI productions! You can’t go wrong with this frame by frame system. Gentle on your films.

We offer a free DVD sampler of all of our transfer systems. Send your mailing address by contact us page and we will get you a sampler DVD sent out today.

Prices for these two transfer systems start as low as $14 per 1200 feet {30 minutes}and $26 for 2300 feet {60 minutes}. These prices are 4 and 5 times less than most other companies!  We offer DVD/BLU-Ray Thumb Drive or other Hard Drive Storage for a nominal fee. A DVD copy of your transfers is always free of charge.

So, give SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES a try for all your 8mm and 16mm films 

If you  need broadcast Quality transfers see our LASERGRAPHICS SCANSTATION page.

For any questions contact us today.