First, we inspect your films for splices, warping and if needed clean your film with FilmRenew. SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES uses a custom-made ELMO TRV 16mm Telecine projector to transfer your 16mm films. The ELMO TRV has a custom-built Camera that has been upgraded with a high resolution capture chip that gives 380,000 pixel and 480 lines of resolution, with the latest in LED light source that Replaces the old projection bulb that commonly burned and warped most films. 100% guaranteed flicker free, 5 blade system. The high resolution chip gives outstanding GEM quality clarity DVD transfers. 24 frames per second with amazing corner to corner high resolution video and high quality no distortion audio, with built in white balance, Just phenomenal DVD transfers.  

We use only name brand blank DVDs {NO OFF BRAND DVDs USED} . Give us a chance to transfer all of your 16mm films to DVD. For a quote CONTACT US, as low as $20 per hour! Most companies charge 5 times that much and their transfers are not that great.

If needed we have a sample DVD to give you an idea what our transfers look like, send $10 and CONTACT US, with your payment and your name address and we will get it out to you as ASAP, refundable on your first transfer.

COMING SOON…..Transfers for all 8mm films in any format