ZOLI PRODUCTIONS the maker of our scanners is in production at this very moment on producing a brand new ZOLI scanner and this is GOOD NEWS for all. Much better film transfers for all of our customers and this includes you. Better definition, sharper image, richer color and a more steady picture. Some of the features are listed below  


ANNOUNCEMENT ZOLI Filmscanners, division of ZOLI Video Productions is developing a new generation of high speed, high resolution FILM SCANNERS.

Some of the features of our new scanners:

HARDWARE - brand new design, entirely our own built mechanics and electronics - new roller based, sprocketless and clawless film transport mechanism - safe handling of damaged, warped, and spliced film - built-in artifical intelligence, full computer control - real time, frame-by-frame scanning - high speed (60-120 fps), High Definition (1080) and Ultra High Definition (2k & 4k) industrial cameras - sound film scanning capability with our own 100% sound-to-frame sync technology - cool LED light source protects film from heat damage - auto or manual camera settings: exposure, gain, brightness, contrast, color intensity, white balance, zoom, NTSC or PAL mode, normal or mirrored images - adjustable speed with frame/sec speed display - frame counter display for frame-accurate play/fwd/rwd functions - multiple interfaces for connecting to computer


SOFTWARE - produces lossless TIFF (.tif) images, ready to be imported into any video-editing software - capturing software included - individual frame images to continuous video creation software included - sound video making software included, 100% frame accurate sync of picture and sound! - low power requirements - operates in normal office environment (no special cooling required) - power source 110-240V AC, 50 or 60 Hz Our new generation scanners will be available for Regular 8 and Super 8 formats by the end of 2019. We will offer optional 16 mm and 35 mm scanning capability.


SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES is hopeful in the next 3 months to have a prototype scanner from ZOLI and to be working with the ZOLI ownership and technical team for more development of up and coming scanners. Stay turned!!!! 


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