SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES is proud to bring you some great old time radio shows. Pick and choose any show that you want on a CD that makes you a CD of 60 minutes. Each CD is custom recorded. Each 60 minute CD is $3.50 each and if you order 6 CD’s you get 1 FREE!!!!! Each 60 minute CD is $3.50 each and if you order a minimum of 6 CD’s you get 1 FREE !!!!! SHIPPING IS A FLAT RATE OR $7.00 PER ORDER NO MATTER HOW BIG OR SMALL THE ORDER IS!. Each show has been DE-HISSED of tape hiss. We have many many more shows that are not cataloged yet. So if you’re looking for any shows that are of interest to you PLEASE send us a list by contacting us and we will search our archives and see if we can find what you wanting.

When ordering make sure you put the catalogue number on your order and as much info of each cd you want.

We Know of NO OTHER Company that offers what we offer at SPEAKEASY ARCHIVES. That ALL of our Old Time Radio CD’s are custom made to your liking. 

If you receive a defective CD please contact us as quickly as possible.